Rocket Shield (Gembearer)


Are you destined to step onto the Rocket Shield and become one of the legendary Discwielders?

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A century ago, Discwielders patrolled the skies, securing the outer provinces of the empire. When the second emperor passed, many gave up their Rocket Shields to not get caught in the aftermath. Some of these discs, however, survived the decades, hidden away, waiting for a suited Gemwielder to be taken to the skies once again.

The Rocket Shield Gembearer Expansion comes with 2 full art versions of Pistol and Hammer.

Requires Core Set to play.


  • 1 Rocket Shield (Gembearer)
  • 2 Nitro Slam (Attack)
  • 4 Shield Slam (Attack)
  • 2 Blow Up (Defense)
  • 4 Shield Block (Defense)
  • 1 Full Art Hammer
  • 1 Full Art Pistol


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