You are a Gemwielder, capable of controlling ancient artifacts called Gembearers. Powerful by themselves, only by socketing them with magical gems will you acquire powerful abilities that allow you to prevail in a duel with another Gemwielder.


Gemwielders is designed around interaction from the ground up. The innovative combat system allows the attack and defense cards to clash each turn and interact meaningfully.


Each game you adapt to the cards that appear and craft a new deck with a unique color combination. No two games are the same and whoever seizes the opportunities presented to them best, will be rewarded.


All you need to play a game of Gemwielders are two Gembearers and five Gems, as included in the Core Set. As new Gems and Gembearers are introduced, the possible combinations become endless.

Unique Aesthetic

All cards are illustrated traditionally in ink and watercolor, giving the game a unique and elegant feel. Combined with the haptic element of the gems, being placed on the gembearers, this makes for a truly exceptional playing experience.