Dagger (Gembearer)


Don’t be shy, go ahead and pick it up. Feel how light and balanced this Gembearer lies between your fingers. But never let its delicacy mislead you: This blade is, above all, deadly.

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The Dagger is made for the cunning tactician, alternating feint attacks and premeditated strikes, meant to cause maximum harm. And what better feeling than to lay a trap and watch your opponent walk into it unsuspectingly?

The Dagger Gembearer Expansion comes with 2 practical life counter cards that can be used to track life and power.

Requires Core Set to play.


  • 1 Dagger (Gembearer)
  • 1 Ambush (Skill)
  • 6 Jab (Attack)
  • 5 Parry (Defense)
  • 2 Life Counter cards


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